Internet services and uses

The Internet opens the doors to thousands and thousands of different services; among them, it will allow us to:

Search for any information you need (for example, on Google).
Buy products of various kinds (for instance, on Amazon or Mercado Libre).
Communicate with family or friends from other countries or cities via video call (for example, Skype or WhatsApp).
Play online games (such as League of Legends) with people of different nationalities and ages in real-time.

Of course, a word that summarizes all these qualities that the Internet has can be to connect or to relate. The Internet can connect people with varying interests in different parts of the world.

web browsers

  • Chrome. Belonging to the giant Google created in 2008, it is one of the fastest and safest offered on the market today. It is one of the best navigation programs today and provides free downloads.
  • Internet Explorer. It is an older service, already discontinued, but it was the market leader then. Its creation dates back to approximately 1995, and it is the one launched on the market by the leading company Microsoft. During its first decade of existence, it was the most used, presenting the most excellent modernity, but today it has become one of the slowest despite its updates; the reason for this is it has lost many users.
  • MozillaFirefox. It is presented as the alternative launched by the Mozilla company, which caused a furor when it was included in the market, given its compatibility with both Apple and Microsoft operating systems. In addition, it is a fast service since it uses little memory (fewer hardware requirements) when performing each search; but it presents the best security offered on the market so far.
  • Safari. Created by Apple. Perhaps one of the fastest, absolutely compatible with the operating system of this brand, while the version compatible with Microsoft no longer receives updates; therefore, the same performance is not obtained either.
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